Acne Treatment

You may have noticed growth and spread in your acne breakout over the last couple of weeks. Maybe you are experiencing some worst acne breakouts regardless of sticking to your skin care regimen. Perhaps your acne is making you feel down or unhappy or you simply want to give a try to something fresh and better.

No matter what reason is compelling you to come here, seeking help is not admitting defeat. Dr. Shumaila considers acne to be a complicated skin condition, saying a number of factors can have impact your acne that it is very common to seek dermatological consultation at any time.

Some acne patients may feel ashamed, thinking that they have failed at getting their condition cured. Remember, if you are one of such a kind, never think so because it is not your fault. In fact, Dr. Shumaila tells all such patients to feel good about booking a dermatological consultation session. Doing so is simply a proactive stride that will ultimately assist you to bring your acne breakout under control.

When to seek a dermatological consultation?

  • You shall book a dermatological consultation with Dr. Shumaila if:
  • You have never had acne before and start noticing acne breakout in the form of red bumps on your face or any other part of your body. Your should remember that other skin condition may appear like acne to you. You should go for a dermatological consultation session immediately after seeing such signs and get your condition diagnosed.
  • Your acne is going out of control despite using a regimen for your condition. In your dermatological consultation session with Dr. Shumaila, you’ll get advice about your acne condition and a proper treatment or change in existing treatment.
  • Nodules or cysts show up on parts of your body – indications of severe acne breakouts.
  • You are using some sort of medicine, such as steroids. Medicines also cause acne, so you should immediately book a consultation session with Dr. Shumaila if you notice changes in your skin condition.
  • Your acne is making you feel unhappy, down or embarrassed.

During your dermatological consultation session with Dr. Shumaila, you will be working as a team member with her, helping her in diagnosing your acne besides discussing acne treatment specifically for you.