Scar Removal

Scar Removal

Appearance of scar on the skin is fundamentally triggered by the human body’s immune system’s attempts to heal the site of injury. The new temporary skin produced as a result of the human body’s natural system to blanket the wounded area appears and behaves differently from the rest of your skin. Over the long haul, the human body attempts to substitute the temporary skin continue reading…

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  1. hi dr shumaila khan,
    how are you???
    I am coming to Pakistan on 3rd April to look for some places that can remove my birth marks that are on my face, can you please email back with a contact number of yourself as I want to show you my scars first before visiting you. I am coming Pakistan and I am from London I do not know Pakistan well so would be very grateful if you can help me out so I do not need to go looking around hunting for clinics like yours.
    many thanks
    farenum ahmed
    look forward to hearing from you
    you can whatsapp me on 07581370298

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