Are you a good candidate for Keratin Treatment for damaged hairs?

Are you a good candidate for Keratin Treatment for damaged hairs?

Hair Keratin Treatment

Everyone has the right to look beautiful, but, if the condition of your hair is poor, you are in loss because the appearance of your hair counts for almost 50 percent of your beauty. But don’t panic because we have the good news for you!

Several treatment options exist for treatment of poor hair conditions, but Hair Keratin treatment is a very effective choice to repair and enhance damaged hair. This Brazil-originated hair treatment option works by forming a protein coating around the hair colliery, giving you healthy, smooth and shiny hair. It protects your hair by working as a shield around your hair shafts.

Hair Keratin treatment can be a constructive approach to repair any type of hair, but it is particular effective to fix damaged and chemically treated hair because it would engross the protein to give your hair an improved and enhanced appearance. The treatment is also highly effective in stimulating the growth of hair in short time.

Keratin treatment normally takes two hours; however, treatment time is dependent on your hair type. Moreover, post-treatment care is very important in that the better the post-treatment care, the better and longer the results.

If you are seriously deeming to go for Keratin Treatment, you might be looking for answers to some questions related to the procedure.

You want to know if you can be a good candidate for the procedure? Yes, you can if you have kinky, damaged or chemically treated hair. With that, you should also have positive and realistic goals for the treatment besides being free of any potential ailment that may hinder the procedure.

If you want to know what type of appearance will your hair take after the treatment, here is your answer: You will get frizzle-free, and shiny hair that can be easily managed. Besides, your hair would get enough rebound and frame. With all these, you will still be at freedom to even wear wavy or curly hair. The Keratin treatment would also perk up the health of tinted hair by acclimatizing the hair while boosting your confident with improved hair color.

If you have wavy hair, the Keratin Treatment has the potential to give you effortlessly straight and strong hair. And if you have curly hair, it will cut frizzle while improving the look of the inherited curl/wave.

You might be thinking how long the benefits of Keratin Treatment would last. This treatment’s effects would continue for 11 to 12 weeks with proper post-treatment care. It is pertinent to mention here that Keratin is an aggregate treatment, meaning the often you undergo it, the better your hair condition and the more sustainable the outcomes.

The good news for the people of Pakistan, especially Islamabad and Rawalpindi, is that the Dermalase the skin care clinic is offering them a variety of hair treatments for damaged hair, including Keratin Treatment. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with Dr. Shumaila now or post your questions in the comments section.

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  1. Hi, my hair are dry and damage plus I have a hairfall and dandruff also. Can you please tell me if this treatment is good for my hair or not. And i don’t want to go for too many chemicals because thats what cause damage. Plus what are your charges for keratin treatment.

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