Are you suffering from hair fall? Know the cause and treatment!

Are you suffering from hair fall? Know the cause and treatment!

Are you suffering from gradual hair loss? Has your hair started falling out in clumps all of a sudden? Do you resist shampooing or combing your hair out of the fear that your hair may fall out? Hair loss, be it gradual and slow or sudden and fast, is no lesser than a nightmare for the sufferer.  The pain is not only emotional, but also psychological, and specifically irksome for men and disastrous for women.

We are a civilization highly fascinated with appearance of the hair as a major component of beauty and normalcy, especially for women. We are fixated with the notion that a woman is incomplete without an elegantly coifed hairdo. This has even further perked up the significance of hair for women. Moreover, it has been found that people, to a greater extent, interpret your lifestyle, personal hygiene and personality from the looks of your hair.

The first thing you can do when your hair starts falling out is to make an appointment with your dermatologist. There are dozens of causes for hair fall and only a professional and board certified dermatologist can help you play it safe. Self-medication and personal experimentation with your hair condition can be disastrous, highly risky and threatening to your health because you may not know the side effects of the products or medicines you lay your hand on.

Hair fall goes out of control and becomes worse when laziness hits you to take a proactive action to see your dermatologist. The reasons for your hair fall may be as simple as dandruff or as complicated as some severe form of alopecia, autoimmune disorder or hormonal disturbance. Other common causes of hair fall include protracted illness, insufficient diet, trauma, genetic factors, lack of hair care, weather condition and the type of water and shampoo one is using.

It is pertinent to mention here that it is normal if you are loosing about 100 hairs every day while you are combing or shampooing your hair. However, the bell of concern shall ring if those fallen hair are not replaced by new hair naturally.

If you notice your hair falling out fast or thinning or see baldness approaching, go see your dermatologist immediately because this may even be the sign of alopecia, the extremely disturbing form of hair fall problems. The disease makes your hair fall out unpredictably and severe forms of alopecia, such as alopecia universalis, may even lead to hair loss all over your body.

Your dermatologist is in a better position to diagnose and then prescribe solution for your hair loss condition. Treatments for hair fall may take time as less as three months or as long as a year, depending on the type of hair loss.

Is your hair falling out? Book an appointment with Dr. Shumaila to know the cause and treatment.

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