Hair Treatment

Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant

Stem Cell FUE hair transplant has been developed around the successfully tested hypothesis that a successful hair transplant only needs a few hair stem cells, called graft, in order to trigger the growth of new hairs. Under this procedure, local anesthesia is applied to both the treatment and donor areas. The donor area is the area of the skin, mostly head, from which the grafts are picked while the treatment area, also called the recipient area, is where the grafts are transplanted.

What differentiates Stem Cell FUE hair transplant technique from the conventional hair transplant procedures is the fact that with this procedure, only a small part of the hair follicle is taken out and most of the follicles are left preserved in the donor area where they will give birth to new hair. This is valuable in that it keeps the donor area preserved for future hair treatments. The advent of innovative technologies has made it possible to individually take out stem cells while keeping the area intact.

At the Dermalase, we guarantee you that you will have not even slight scars or visible loss of hair density in the donor area under this procedure. Our Hair Specialist carried out Stem Cell FUE hair transplant with exceptional expertise and precision in order to give you the hair you have ever longed for. The senior doctor considers this procedure to be very safe and natural since it involves the use of stem cells from the patient’s body itself. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that hair growth with Stem Cell FUE is close to permanent in a majority of cases.

Dr. Shumaila and her competent and dedicated team at the Dermalase have boosted the self-confident, success and quality of life of hundreds of patients with Stem Cell FUE hair transplant. Our clinic is equipped with cutting edge technologies to carry out any type of hair transplantation. If you are experiencing hair loss and want to know if you are a good candidate for Stem Cell FUE hair transplant, book a consultation session at Dermalase today!