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February Special Discount Offer

So here is the February Special offer we have for you. Get amazing 10% discount on Fillers, Botox, Lip Pout (augmentation), Revlite Rejuvenation, Hydra Facial & All Clinical Facials. This special offer is valid from 1st #February till 14th February 2015.

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Skin Specialist – Cosmetologist & Dermatologist Dr. Shumaila Khan

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Offering Complete Skin Care Solutions for the Entire Family

Skin Specialist & Dermatologist Dr. Shumaila Khan is offering complete skin care solutions for the entire family. Come to Skin and Laser Clinic Dermalase & let the specialists make you feel young again. You’ll feel like you’ll leave the clinic with a fresh, younger look.

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Is your skin whitening product cheap? Beware!

Substandard and cheap skin whitening medicines and products has topped the list of counterfeited products available in the market today. Such medicines and products have adversely affected a large number of men and women, but a majority of the victims do not want to disclose it because of the fear of likely embarrassment.

You can see a large hotchpotch of substandard skin whitening products in drug stores, especially in small and unbranded neighborhood medical stores. Capitalizing on the needs of people, manufacturers of such products have even taken sales to the Internet, whereby they promise to make your skin white within weeks with the use of their cheap cream. Therefore, it’s time to beware of cheap and substandard skin whitening products.

It is worth mentioning here that the business of skin whitening products is a multi-billion-dollar industry now. Manufacturers, companies and vendors are equally trying to shove the impression that beauty means having white skin and turning your dark skin into white skin overnight is effortlessly doable, desirable and inexpensive. Even though you may have the desire to appear white, yet to fulfill it, it is highly recommended to avoid cheap and substandard skin whitening medicines and products.

You need to understand that just like eye and hair color, your natural skin color is also determined by the concentration of melanin found in your skin’s outer layer. Now, anti-melanin skin whitening products have also hit the market with horrific results. Melanin is naturally generated by the human body to shield against potential, sun-induced damages to the DNA. However, the use of cheap and substandard medicines reduces the amount of melanin in your skin, consequently increasing your risk of skin cancer.

In a country like Pakistan, relationship makes and breaks stand to a higher degree on skin color. This is forcing people to make some investment in skin whitening medicines and products. This increasing demand has led manufacturers to come up with substandard and cheap products to achieve a higher hand. We see advertisement of dozens of such products and medicines on our televisions everyday.

Clinical examinations have found presence of hazardous chemicals in cheap skin whitening creams and products, including mercury and hydroquinone. These chemicals can lead to severe skin irritation and irregular color-change. Moreover, mercury can even trigger skin pigmentation besides causing chronic and inflamed rashes. The FDA and other western countries have banned skin products containing mercury and hydroquinone. If your skin whitening cream turns dark upon exposure, it’s dangerous and substandard and it’s time to do away with it.

Pakistan’s skin whitening products’ market is also laden with products and medicines containing steroids. Such products promise fair skin within weeks. If you have fallen prey for such a trap, it’s time to rethink you decision. You may notice change in color of your skin with the use of such products, but it is not going to remain forever because your skin color will finally start fading at an uncontrollable rate. Products containing steroids are extremely dangerous for your skin in the long run. Steroid-induced skin damages are life threatening, forever and can leave you in an emotional and psychological trauma.

So, it is time to rethink your use of substandard and cheap skin whitening medicines and products. You have the right to appear as you desire, but risking your appearance and aesthetics for a few bucks does not justify your decision. Dr. Shumaila Khan is a trusted dermatological service provider in Islamabad, Pakistan, who uses proven, and safe products and medicines to enhance the appearance of your skin.

Instead of going for over-the-counter substandard products, you should prefer to go to a board certified dermatologist because they specialize in skin treatments and can provide your valuable advice for administration of prescribed skin whitening products and medicines.

Book a consultation session with Dr. Shumaila now to get safe skin whitening advice.

Are you a good candidate for Keratin Treatment for damaged hairs?

Hair Keratin Treatment

Everyone has the right to look beautiful, but, if the condition of your hair is poor, you are in loss because the appearance of your hair counts for almost 50 percent of your beauty. But don’t panic because we have the good news for you!

Several treatment options exist for treatment of poor hair conditions, but Hair Keratin treatment is a very effective choice to repair and enhance damaged hair. This Brazil-originated hair treatment option works by forming a protein coating around the hair colliery, giving you healthy, smooth and shiny hair. It protects your hair by working as a shield around your hair shafts.

Hair Keratin treatment can be a constructive approach to repair any type of hair, but it is particular effective to fix damaged and chemically treated hair because it would engross the protein to give your hair an improved and enhanced appearance. The treatment is also highly effective in stimulating the growth of hair in short time.

Keratin treatment normally takes two hours; however, treatment time is dependent on your hair type. Moreover, post-treatment care is very important in that the better the post-treatment care, the better and longer the results.

If you are seriously deeming to go for Keratin Treatment, you might be looking for answers to some questions related to the procedure.

You want to know if you can be a good candidate for the procedure? Yes, you can if you have kinky, damaged or chemically treated hair. With that, you should also have positive and realistic goals for the treatment besides being free of any potential ailment that may hinder the procedure.

If you want to know what type of appearance will your hair take after the treatment, here is your answer: You will get frizzle-free, and shiny hair that can be easily managed. Besides, your hair would get enough rebound and frame. With all these, you will still be at freedom to even wear wavy or curly hair. The Keratin treatment would also perk up the health of tinted hair by acclimatizing the hair while boosting your confident with improved hair color.

If you have wavy hair, the Keratin Treatment has the potential to give you effortlessly straight and strong hair. And if you have curly hair, it will cut frizzle while improving the look of the inherited curl/wave.

You might be thinking how long the benefits of Keratin Treatment would last. This treatment’s effects would continue for 11 to 12 weeks with proper post-treatment care. It is pertinent to mention here that Keratin is an aggregate treatment, meaning the often you undergo it, the better your hair condition and the more sustainable the outcomes.

The good news for the people of Pakistan, especially Islamabad and Rawalpindi, is that the Dermalase the skin care clinic is offering them a variety of hair treatments for damaged hair, including Keratin Treatment. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with Dr. Shumaila now or post your questions in the comments section.

Interview with qualified dermatologist and skin specialist Dr. Shumaila Khan

Q. How you (Dr. Shumaila Khan) did start your career regarding skin and laser clinic?

A. During my medical trainings, I have noticed that people get frustrated more by the problem and diseases which are visible and obvious to the naked eye. Especially diseases having effect on skin disturb them psycho- socially rather than any other hidden illness. This develops my interest in dermatology, so that I could help them in retaining their confidence in themselves.

Q. Were you always looking forward to have such a clinic of your own?

A. Yes when I started my post graduation in dermatology I always thought to serve the people from my end. I would love to serve and guide people of other cities also, not only because of competition but for giving the patients the quality of treatments they deserve.

Q. What enthused you?

A. Will of people to look good young and giving them the confidence in their personalities.

Q. Where do you see yourself and your skin and laser clinic in near future?

A. Sky is the limit.

Q. What is beauty for you?

A. Beauty for me is the confidence and belief in oneself.

Q. Would you like to tell  about the hi-tech instruments that you use at your clinic?

A. We use all FDA approved chemicals which include Botox, Fillers by Restylane, Mesotherapies (hair grow, Fatlipolysis), renowned and latest generation USA made Lasers and other high tech equipment best suited to our Asian skin type. Our Hydra dermabrasion recently won award in USA for its efficacy. Further we have Gold standard Revlite Q switched laser, which is one of the best laser besides we 5th Generation Nd-Yag best for Asian skin type. Fractional CO2 is the gold standard for skin rejuvenation and non-ablative skin resurfacing, tightening, and treating fine lines and wrinkle.

Q. Do you operate them yourself or you have a qualified staff for that?

A. I do my job myself. I only believe in quality produce by professional doctor’s hands which should be a dermatologist and certified as Aesthetic practitioner. All treatment is done in a very professional and hygienic environment.

Q. Any message for those out there, who might be interested to give a visit to your clinic.

A. Please going to some Aesthetic setup do check the qualification of the practitioner. No one can know your skin better than a qualified dermatologist and just make sure about the equipment and their credibility. Moreover for Aesthetic procedures a dermatologist must have some certification/diploma from any prestigious Medical Aesthetic board around the world.


Professional dermatologist and skin specialist from Islamabad, Dr. Shumaila Khan, set out on the journey to establish the best dermatology and laser clinic in Islamabad after sensing that patients were getting frustrated at the lack of quality Aesthetic & Dermatological services in Pakistan for skin diseases and aesthetic imperfections visible to the naked eye. What motivated her to establish the Dermalase was the fact that skin diseases barge-in patients psychologically and socially, unlike any other illness. Our clinic operates in Islamabad to help patients retain their self-confidence.

Our highly trained staff and specialists pay individual attention to every patient and every patient’s need. Patient privacy, staff professionalism, patient safety, sophisticated clinical technology and comfortable environment are some of the words that best form Dr. Shumaila’s Dermalase’s value composition. Whether it is ageing sign or blemishes, sun burn or acne scars, or any other skin condition or aesthetic imperfection, Dr. Shumaila’s Dermalase is the best place to find an enduring solution.

Services offered at Dermalase:

Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist in Islamabad

An oracle in the field of dermatology, Dr. Shumaila Khan comes with an exemplary blend of education and expertise in aesthetic practices. Having done her post-graduation in Dermatology from Wales (Cardiff) UK, she is serving as a board certified dermatologist of the United States’ pioneer and largest institute in aesthetic medicine, the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. She is also a permanent member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). In Pakistan, Dr. Shumaila has undergone extensive trainings under the country’s expert dermatologists at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) to become the best dermatologist in Islamabad.

Besides being a competent professional, Dr. Shumaila is a very kind and amiable human being. She carefully listens and fully exhibits her friendly personality traits with each one of her patients. To achieve the clinic’s goal of delivering total quality service, she sincerely offers and explains all treatment options to her patients. Dr. Shumaila is completely aware that her clients have emotional expectations attached with each of the treatment choices she offers; therefore, she compassionately explains each option with great attention to detail. All other doctors at Dermalase share wisdom of profound concern for every client and a dedication to unmatched care.




Skin Specialist in Islamabad

At DERMALASE Skin Care Clinic in Islamabad, we are always available during our work hours to listen to you and get your problem solved. Our courteous staff members are also readily accessible to carefully listen to you, assist you and book you an appointment. Whether you are suffering from any aesthetic imperfection or skin condition, we are just a click and call away.

You can use make and appointment form on home page or under contact us page to make an appointment online or tell us what you think about our services or give us new ideas to improve. We are continuously improving to give you a memorable experience. You can also use the form to lodge complaints if you are not satisfied by our services.